2 Year Confirmation Prep Program

Confirmation Prep Program, Grades 9 & 10


This year has been one like no other! We sadly had to cancel our Summer Confirmation prep programs due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Also, our wonderful Confirmation Coordinator, Mary Counihan, had to take a step back from leading the Confirmation program due to health complications.  Please offer a prayer for her healing and strength!

HOWEVER, we know that God has great things in store for our kids and He (and we) will continue to prepare the teens in our parish for Confirmation no matter the obstacles! 

Confirmation Prep

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

This year's Confirmation program will be mostly virtual. We will have an online platform which will provide videos, written material, and quizzes.  In addition we will gather in small groups for prayer and discussion.  We hope to allow parents will choose whether their child will meet with their small group in a virtual setting or in person (with masks, distancing and health screening.) We hope to begin the program in October. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.  

We look forward to sharing the beauty and the joy of the Catholic faith with you this coming year!  If you have questions or just want to hear more about the programs please contact Colleen Schoeck at Schoeck@olamarshfield.org 


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Confirmation Coordinator

Colleen Schoeck



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