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Middle School

Faith Formation 2020 

The Family Prayer Project is designed to invite families to enliven their faith and invigorate their prayer life from the comfort and safety of their own home.  Over the course of the year, families will engage in various forms of prayer that stem from our rich Catholic traditions.  Through participating in weekly family prayer we hope to bring the Catholic faith into the home in a more vibrant way.

Each month families will receive a packet with resources about a certain kind of prayer. They will watch several videos and read about the kind of prayer they will practice.  They will get an outline for how to run their prayer night, as well as song suggestions, journal questions and extra resources. Then, once a week, families will run a prayer gathering in their own home with their family. This will hopefully be a chance to grow in faith together as family, connecting more intimatly with Christ and one another.  

Kids will have a once a month Google meet up with two Leaders to discuss their prayer experience and pray with their peers.  Parents will meet with the Middle School Coordinator every other month to check in and share their experiences of prayer as a family. 

We would love to have you join us! If you would like to be a part of the Family Prayer Project please register by clicking on "forms" at the top of the page and then "Faith Formation Registration." 

We are also seeking prayer partners for each family! If you can commit to praying for one family for the entire school year please e-mail Colleen Schoeck to be a part of our prayer community! Schoeck@olamarshfield.org

Normally we run a one week EDGE camp in the summer as our Middle School Faith Formation program. Stay tuned for news about future opportunities to gather together! We can't wait to see you in person! Remember how much fun we had summer 2019?! 




Middle School Program Coordinator:

Colleen Schoeck













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